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China Metal Surface Treatment Chemical Market to Reach RMB 23 Bn by 2019

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China Strategic Research estimates that the domestic market for metal surface treatment chemicals in  China is valued at over RMB 16.4 Bn, or USD 2.6 Bn, as of 2014 year end. The study finds that the market will continue to grow at a CAGR of 7% in upcoming years, with aluminum surface treatment chemicals growing at a faster pace than steel.


Reaping the benefits of a loose market structure and feverish expansion in the steel and automotive industries, the market for metal surface treatment chemicals nearly doubled over the past few years.  Moving forward, growth from steel, auto, and home appliances may stall, though other sectors, such as aviation and industrial aluminum will maintain strong growth. The target market has only minor linkages to housing and construction, which moving forward face sluggish growth, and structural changes in the overall economy mean that challenges are certainly on the horizon; however, a sharp downturn is nlikely.


Environmental concern may act as the catalyst in rekindling the market. With government initiatives  tackling heavy metal emissions, eco-friendly metal surface treatment chemical products will gradually  find their way into less tapped areas of the market, such as steel mills and heavy machinery. Anticipating this trend, research has revealed that both large domestic and multinational suppliers are developing and promoting chromate-free passivation and substitute technology for phosphate conversion coatings.


This GCiS market study draws on a three month in-depth primary survey of 68 market’s suppliers, channel players and experts. The report features in-depth analysis of the eight key metal surface treatment chemicals, Steel Cleaner, Steel Conversion Coating, Steel Passivation Liquid, Anti-corrosion Oil, Steel Degreasing Agent, Aluminum Cleaner, Aluminum Passivation Liquid and Aluminum Degreasing Agent. For each product segment, major areas covered include: market size and shares, five-year projections, market structure, pricing trends, distribution, an assessment of key suppliers and more.  Recent developments to product technology, the dynamics of end-user demands, and application  trends are all addressed and thoroughly examined.




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